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Professional dog training
with a certified expert.

k9wise Dog Training

Train wiser, live better.

Struggling with a dog who lunges and barks, cowers in fear, or refuses to come when you call?
Dog behavior can be stressful, disrupting your daily routine and keeping you isolated. But your dog isn’t testing you—they’re asking for understanding.
Certified dog trainer
Specializing in fear & reactivity
Customized training plans

Train wiser, not harder

using effective, ethical, and modern science-based methods.

I’m a certified professional dog trainer with over a decade of experience. I specialize in working with shy, fearful, or reactive dogs, and I’ve solved some of the toughest behavior challenges your dog can throw at you:

(And yes, even basic puppy manners.)

Ready to enjoy a calmer, quieter, more stress-free life with your furry best friend?

  • Off-leash attention and recall

  • Dog-dog aggression

  • Extreme fear of people or other triggers

     Reactivity to people or dogs

“Desperate for some peace, we called Gene. What a difference 5 weeks have made!”

Desperate for some peace, […] we called Gene. He immediately started working with Neeko’s fear, building a trust that allowed him to help us work together with Neeko. It is truly amazing what a difference our 5 weeks have made! Gene has the knowledge and patience to help us learn how to help our pups and how to show the pups how good it can be without the crazies! So much progress has been made, and we feel encouraged that we now have the tools to keep this calmer and quieter relationship going and getting even better with time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guiding us on a much more peaceful relationship with our pups.

- Carol & Richard

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Behavior Challenges:

Feeling isolated by your dog’s behavior? Whether your dog cowers near strangers or lunges and barks, my force-free training techniques will help you get your life back.

Basic Manners:

Frustrated when your dog jumps, barks, or completely ignores you while off-leash? Learn foundational skills for lifelong relief.

Puppy Training:

Is puppy parenthood more than you bargained for? Get your puppy off to the right start with basic training designed just for your family.

Training Packages

In-person and online dog training programs designed to suit your needs, from puppies and basic manners to behavior challenges rooted in fear.

Gene is tremendously talented and always has just the right tips for whatever challenges arise. He really trained us to train Brody. Always our cheerleader and our coach, his style is so kind and often quite funny. Gene has such a unique gift for this work, I cannot recommend him enough. He truly worked a miracle with our boy and I cannot put into words how much I appreciate that. If you have a dog that needs training, regardless of how challenging their behavior may be--I would recommend Gene strongly. His work with Brody was miraculous and so very worth it!


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My husband and I have been involved in dog showing including obedience competition for over 20 years. While we consider ourselves very knowledgeable about dogs and training we were not prepared to handle a rescue dog and blending her into our home with our Great Dane. We trained “old school”…choker collars and physical force to get our dogs to comply with “commands”. As a result our dogs responded to commands to avoid discomfort, without actually understanding what we wanted them to do. We were and are very open to new, better, more effective training methods that create a strong bond of love and trust with your canine companion. Gene did not just train our dogs he gave us the tools to be partners with them and continue to have a skill set when our sessions were completed. We HIGHLY recommend Gene Long.

- Renee & Rick

“Gene has a unique gift. He truly worked a miracle.”

“Gene didn’t just train our dogs. He gave us the tools to be partners with them.” 
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